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Noni Energy Ampoule

Noni Energy Ampoule

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Noni has been used by medical practitioners to prevent and cure illnesses for centuries due to its many health benefits. 71.77% pure extract will help cure your skin troubles.

Its specially formulated lightweight texture boosts the absorption of nutrients & vitamins leaving a soft, fresh, relatively oil-free yet deeply nourished finish.

(Suitable to use AM & PM, Suitable for all season)

- ANTI-AGING : 0.04% Adenosine

Adenosine which is registered as a functional ingredient by KFDA was added to maximize the effect of the wrinkle improvement property. 

71.77% of Noni Fruit Extract
Phytochemical derived from the Noni supports the skin's natural synchronization and provides a vibrant complexion while replenishing
hydration & nutrition to stimulated sensitive skin.

Noni ampoule use noni extract with over 200 types of rich nutrients (vitamins, phytochemicals, etc.) in high concentration instead of purified water. It quickly soothes irritated skin and revitalizes skin tone.

This product is recommended for those who are easily irritated and have red or irritated skin, those who are concerned about internal dryness, and those who are concerned about dull skin tone due to daily stress.The unique green color of noni products is not an artificial coloring, but a natural color created by combining noni and plant extracts.

  • 71.77% Noni extract with over 200 nutrients provides deep hydration & rich nourishment.
  • Antioxidant derived from Noni supports skin’s natural synchronization & provides a radiant complexion.
  • Adenosine helps to enhance aging skin by reducing fine wrinkles while other active ingredients soothe visible irritation.
  • Specially formulated lightweight texture boosts the absorption of nutrients & vitamins.
  • CLEAN & SAFE: Made with EWG Green rated ingredients - suitable for all skin types.


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